10 Reasons Why You Need to Garden in 2015

on March 11, 2015

I was thinking about all the gardeners I’ve come across and I realized the vast majority were, oftentimes, in their seventies and beyond. And, they were living life like an average 30-year-old, or better known to them as “whippersnappers.”

Hmmm. There could be a few reasons for that, aside from the fact that gardening wasn’t as popular as one could argue it was when these gardeners were younger. But, I couldn’t shake this thought that all the gardeners I’ve come across had very happy outlooks on life in general and, were for the most part, in excellent health (or at least appeared to be). So it got me wondering… is there health benefits to gardening? What other benefits are there?

These are my personal top 10 favorite reasons why gardening is benefits us all:

  • Reduces stress
  • Builds patience (especially if you’re starting to plant trees!)
  • 45 minutes of gardening can replace a 30 minute cardio workout
  • Fosters creative growth
  • Lowers risk of osteoporosis and diabetes
  • Promotes better sleep (we all need this!)
  • Teaches responsibility and discipline
  • Betters mental health (including mental disorders)
  • Makes people happy (scientists haven’t fully been able to figure out why)
  • Awakens a passion for living a healthy life

If you have plans to begin a garden this year, perhaps for the first time ever, I would suggest keeping a journal. Now that you know some proven benefits to gardening, you’ll know what to look out for as your gardening season progresses.

We’d love to hear how gardening has bettered your life! Please email, post or tweet us!

GreenStalk Grower10 Reasons Why You Need to Garden in 2015

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