4 Yummy Vegetables You Can Grow This Fall

on September 9, 2014

Miss the “prime” growing season? No need to worry because there are lots of healthy and delicious vegetables that grow well in the fall.

Here are a few plants that excel in a planter or Greenstalk and can begin their planting in the fall!

1. Beets: plant them deep in the soil, about 3”, but don’t go deeper or they will taste woody. Beets are delicious in salads, especially with fresh apples and cheeses like cheddar or try goat for an artisan flavor combination.

2. Carrots: a wonderful veggie for the impatient gardener because you can pick them as soon as they take a carrot-like shape. Carrots work well in salads, but also play a key role in a stir-fry night.

3. Collards: little known, but packed with nutrients and unique flavor. Most helpful is that these plants taste yummier with a frost and can be harvested after just 60 days. You may have heard of Collard Greens (a southern favorite) but there are many more options for these. You can saute them with olive oil, pre-cooked bacon and top with bleu cheese for a great side dish.

4. Leeks: make a delicious Swedish soup and are also great for salads. Your goal in growing these is not the bulbs, but the stem (the tall green part). In planting, make sure you pack the soil around the bulbs tightly to promote upright growth.

Kid’s Tip: When you begin your planting, have your child stand beside your planter and each week do the same. This will help teach your child about the growing process and keep him or her involved! Post the photos in their play room so they can watch the process easily.

admin4 Yummy Vegetables You Can Grow This Fall

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