5 Surprising Vegetables That You Can Grow in a GreenStalk

on June 3, 2015

That’s really cool, but what can I grow in it?

That’s our most common question. And we love sharing information and photos about the different types of plants we have grown using the GreenStalk gardening system. So here’s are some plants we have grown that may surprise you…

1. Broccoli

Check out this entire tower planted with broccoli! When we planted our first broccoli tower last fall, we were shocked at how big it grew!

2. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato plants are often used for ground cover so it’s safe to say that we had some serious doubts…  But it’s turned out to be one of our all-time favorite plants to grow!

3. Onions

Onions?! Yes, we thought the same thing.

4. Carrots

6 planters x 6 pockets x 3 carrots = 108 carrots. Now that’s a LOT of carrots!

5. Tomatoes

Plant a small patio determinate variety or let your tomato plant get large and use household materials like twine or wire hangers to stake as they grow larger. This GreenStalk garden has strawberries, lettuce, zucchini, and tomatoes growing all in the same tower!

What is your favorite vegetable to grow in the GreenStalk system? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below!

GreenStalk Grower5 Surprising Vegetables That You Can Grow in a GreenStalk

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  • Pamela - June 20, 2015 reply

    It really works. Found the patio tomato plants and added grape tomato plants, green peppers and then basil and parsley. Growing great and now we laugh at the deer in the yard searching for our garden! Tired of all the work and the critters eating the plants up, fences and all! Going to buy another planter and get fall greens and lettuces. This product really works. Wish I bought two at the home show like I was thinking of doing..live and learn!

    GreenStalk Grower - June 22, 2015 reply

    Hi Pamela!
    Thank you for commenting. We are happy to hear that you are enjoying your GreenStalk gardening system! When you are getting ready to place your next order, email us for a coupon for 20% off your total purchase.

  • Julia - June 13, 2020 reply

    Planter just arrived yesterday. Excited to see how well it does.

  • Beverly williams - June 27, 2020 reply

    I am in South Fl. We have iguanas, I also live on a canal. I blocked my chain link fence with chicken wire, now I have two outside the gate trying to get in. It is so funny. I am excited about my planter. They will figure out how to climb the fence. I will be ready.

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