5 Ways to Save Money in Your Garden

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Gardening is a rewarding hobby. But it can also be an expensive one. Regardless, it makes for a fun and rewarding pastime – which is precisely why it features on the TL hobby ideas list (https://tlhobbyideas.com) – but there are ways to counteract the cost barrier that sometimes comes with the hobby. There’s so many neat gadgets out there and products claiming to be the best. But oftentimes, they end up being specific to only certain crops in certain areas. It’s like products you use in the kitchen – you want garden products to be multi-purpose. In this post we are going to detail all the ways you can save money by investing money in vertical gardening. GreenStalk vertical gardening is easy, simple and efficient.

1. Start from seed.

You don’t need any special equipment like starter trays or grow lights. Just direct sow your seeds into your GreenStalk Vertical Planter. Remember to water often to keep the soil moist while the seeds are germinating and while the plant is small. If your area has a short growing season then it may be worth it to start your seeds in your GreenStalk then roll it outside when the weather is warm enough – even if it’s just during the day. This is super easy with the GreenStalk Mover.

Many people believe that they can’t grow from seed because it’s too hard or takes too long. That’s not the case! Seed catalogs will tell you the average germination rate so you can decide if you’re ok with waiting or if you want to choose something that will sprout sooner. Many plants like carrots or cilantro do best when started from seed. So if you’re not having luck with transplanting, try growing from seed. Seeds are also so much cheaper than picking up starter plants, for instance you may be interested in seeds found on a site like https://www.brecks.com/category/bearded-iris if you’re wanting to save money of seeds. When you have 30+ plants to grow in a GreenStalk, growing from seed will save you a bundle.

2. Product Warranties

Buy products that have a good warranty. It’s common that gardening products don’t come with any type of warranty or guarantee, so pay attention to those that offer a way to get your money back or product replacement if it doesn’t last. GreenStalk comes with a 5 year warranty against both cracking and color fade. If a company stands behind their product, they won’t mind offering a warranty.

3. Grow Edibles.

We all love to grow annuals and beautiful gardens. But if you’re looking to get the most back from your gardening investment, consider adding some high priced edible to your GreenStalk Vertical Garden. I save a bunch of money year round by growing hardy herbs. They are so expensive to buy in the store but they are cheap and easy to grow. It’s even better if you can grow them yourself because you know they are organic and healthy. These days, you never know what chemicals our food will test positive for. The only way you can control that is by knowing where your food comes from. You can’t put a price on that. We even offer an all organic mix of our favorite herbs in our store. Next time you want to plant a flower garden, add some rosemary and thyme maybe even some parsley. You’ll be glad you did!

4. Overwinter Your Plants.

With container gardens it’s not always possible to overwinter your plants as is because the plastic may crack or in the case of aeroponics or hydroponics, it may not even be possible. If you’re growing in a GreenStalk Vertical Planter, we recommend overwintering your plants because we guarantee it for 5 years not to crack or fade regardless if you leave it outside year round or not. We love to leave our gardens out all year because we don’t have to keep replacing our perennials year after year in the spring. We buy them once and they will be happy for about 3 years in the vertical garden until we transplant them out into the landscape so they can grow to full size.

5. Reuse Everything.

If you buy quality products, you can reuse them year after year. The GreenStalk is soil-based which means you can reuse your soil and planter season after season. Don’t waste your money by purchasing new soil every year. Just recondition what you have by adding some fertilizer and maybe some vermiculite or perlite to keep it light and fluffy. Crop rotation and companion planting helps keep pests to a minimum.

6. Protect Your Investment.

Whatever you decide to purchase, gardening costs money. Resist the temptation to skip watering or give up because your garden isn’t meeting your expectations. This season and your gardening investment doesn’t need to be wasted. Keep growing. The internet has a plethora of resources, and if you’re growing in a GreenStalk and you have questions about gardening, we’d be happy to help.

7. Save Time.

Time is money. Thankfully, since the GreenStalk Vertical Planter is a container garden, you don’t have to spend your time in the garden pulling weeds or using chemicals for weed control. You can grow between 30-90 plants in a 5 Tier GreenStalk, and you only have to water from the top because our patented watering system will deliver fresh water to each pocket at the same time. No electricity required and no wasted water. With all the money and time you have saved, why not buy one these outdoor garden benches? Then you will be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your garden. It doesn’t get better than that!

Click here to order your own GreenStalk. What are your tips for saving money while growing vertically? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy Gardening!

GreenStalk Grower5 Ways to Save Money in Your Garden

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