6 Indoor Herbs Your Cat Will Love You For

on February 3, 2015

If you have a pet, you know cats and dogs love eating plants and naturally eat them. Of course, when they’re indoors and their selection is greatly diminished, we need to make sure we only grow plants that help our little friends. So I thought I’d focus on cats this time and write about some plants they like and plants that are good for them! Yes, the two can grow together!

1. Dandelion Root: works as a diuretic and is used to treat infections. Vets often use this to counteract the effects of prescription medications.

2. Chamomile: soothes your cat, but only in tea form. It is unsafe for your cat to chew on the plant itself. This one would be better planted outside, away from your indoor friend.

3. Calendula: heals wounds and is known to help and prevent stomach ulcers.

4. Echinacea: works as a cold medicine in tea form.

5. Licorice Root: helpful for arthritic joints, allergies, digestion.

6. Catnip: makes cats especially giddy for about 15 minutes if it’s eaten and sleepy if it’s sniffed. Perhaps the most popular cat-friendly herb. You’ll like that it’s a natural pest repellant.

*As always, check with your vet to make sure these or other herbs are a good fit for your feline. It’s always better to be safe.

GreenStalk Grower6 Indoor Herbs Your Cat Will Love You For

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