7 Easy Plants to Grow in Containers

on December 16, 2014

It’s Christmas-time and even now I am trying to eat as healthy as possible. It can be hard when my husband doesn’t like most vegetables. So, I’ve put together a list of veggies that are easy to grow and grow in small portions. Growing tomatoes in small portions is an ironic thought – well, until I found Cherry Tomatoes. How did I not think of these sooner? They’re mini tomatoes and are perfect for salads and roasting as a side. Plus, kids think they’re cute!

1. Cherry Tomatoes: prepare soil with a light fertilizer and airy soil (you want the water to easily seep through). Water daily and make sure they get lots of sun. You’ll see the harvest is ready in two to two-and-a-half months. They are high in Vitamins A and C so snack on these!

2. Kentucky Wonder Green Beans: If you have a three-tier GreenStalk or a shorter pot you’re using, that would work well for these because they will be growing high. You will need to use a traditional tomato cage, but you’ll use it upside down and tie the pokey ends together at the top. Only put two seeds where you want the plant to grow an inch below the soil. Use a low-nitrogen fertilizer sparingly. Once the beans begin to sprout, pick them every 3-5 days. They are ready to eat before strings appear, or you can wait until they’re mature.

3. Mini Carrots: Yes, they can actually be grown tiny! These are ideal for planting in a GreenStalk. Ever see beautiful little carrots with their greens still attached on a classy plate of prime rib and mashed potatoes? These are it. They are ready to harvest in approximately 90 days in winter and are known to be very easy. They need only six hours of sun daily and do appreciate shade.

4. Dwarf Basil: a delight to grow in containers and for those gardeners who struggle with visual encouragement, depending on the conditions, you may see germination in less than a week.

5. Dill: Plant up to 20 seeds in a container or a single section of your GreenStalk. If too many sprout, you can thin them out later. Seedlings particularly need light soil – which is suggested for GreenStalks anyway so you should be set!

6. Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree: these are the best lemons imaginable. They do well in light soil and don’t like flooding. So water it normally. Do mist it because it loves humidity. This one looks absolutely gorgeous when the lemons arrive.

7. Lettuce: Choose a Cut and Come Again variety so you can keep the harvest going. When it starts to look like lettuce, go ahead and harvest it because heads of lettuce like growth spurts.

GreenStalk Grower7 Easy Plants to Grow in Containers

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