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    More About GreenStalk

    Together with his family, Jack created a vertical planter that was unlike any other. Jack who has enjoyed gardening for most of his life, was presented with a problem. How do you grow large amounts of food in areas where space and water are scarce? The market seemed to be flooded with solutions that were either way too expensive or created more problems than solutions. They knew that they could create something better – something that so many people needed in order to grow food to feed their family. GreenStalk was designed for maximum space savings and ease-of-use. It was and still is important to the family that growing food is both simple and attainable.

    Today, the Peterson family has worked to help make the GreenStalk Gardening System a success. From testing, molding, packaging, selling and even tasting, the family enjoys working together to help people have the best growing experience possible. Read more about the GreenStalk Family below:


    Jack & Kathy

    Jack and Kathy started it all. Jack is naturally a problem solver and a life-long gardener. He saw a need for gardeners in communities where soil, water and food were scarce. Today, Jack is the lead gardener and visionary for the GreenStalk company. Jack has a passion to bring fresh produce to less fortunate areas of the world.  

    Ryan & Rebecca
    Ryan is the master designer for GreenStalk. He enjoys making ideas come to life. Rebecca is home homeschooling their 6 children all while helping GreenStalk whenever she can. They’ve never met a problem they couldn’t solve.

    Damien & Brooke
    Damien is a skilled mechanical engineer and has helped GreenStalk solve the automatic watering system challenge. Brooke is the Lead Wholesale Specialist and is passionate about customer service and bringing the GreenStalk to new areas via wholesale accounts.

    Tom & Ashley
    Ashley is the Marketing Director. She enjoys making GreenStalk connections worldwide. Tom enjoys being the GreenStalk gardener and order fulfillment guy. They have a passion for people and bringing the GreenStalk to areas that need it most. Together, Tom and Ashley enjoy bringing GreenStalk to Home and Garden Shows in the southeast.

    Jordan & Cody Catherine

    Cody is the Operations Director for GreenStalk. She enjoys providing quality customer service and finding new avenues to make GreenStalk a success for the everyday or professional gardener. Together, Cody and Jordan sell GreenStalk at Home and Garden Shows across the country. They love learning more about gardening and trying new things in their garden.

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