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Is the GreenStalk Vertical Planter patented?

Yes! We have been issued both a design and utility patent. There's nothing else like GreenStalk on the market.

How much soil do I need?

Each tier holds 1 cubic foot of potting mix (or about 8 gallons). So for a 5 Tier you need 5 cubic feet or 40 gallons.

How can I request a donation from GreenStalk?

We are passionate about giving back to the community and helping people grow their own food. If you are a teacher or administrator in charge of a charity or educational garden, please email us at grow@greenstalkgarden.com. Please note that due to the number of requests that we receive, we are unable to donate GreenStalk Planters to individuals at this time.

Is the GreenStalk available internationally?

Unfortunately, we cannot ship internationally at this time. If you are in Canada, you may find many of our products are available at wayfair.ca

How long does the water sit in the reservoir?

The GreenStalk's patented slow drip watering system allows water to drain thru the system within about 5 minutes. If used correctly, there will be no sitting water anywhere in the system. The bottom of the GreenStalk includes little ``feet`` that allows water to drain out and away from the planter.

Can the GreenStalk be used indoors?

GreenStalks can certainly be used indoors! Simply place a tray or dolly under the GreenStalk to collect any excess water and consider adding an additional light source if needed.

Do I need electricity or a pump to use the GreenStalk Vertical Planter?

No way! Just plant, stack, and fill the top reservoir with water when the soil starts to get dry. The GreenStalk was designed to be simple and easy-to-use so there is no need for electricity. The water system works off of gravity.

What can I grow in the GreenStalk Vertical Planter?

Almost anything! Here's a list of some of the types of plants we've grown: lettuces, cucumbers, strawberries, zucchini, flowers, green beans, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, kale, basil, squash, and more!

Do I need special soil to use the GreenStalk?

You can use whatever soil works for you. The GreenStalk team's favorite at the moment is Happy Frog. However, any high quality, lightweight, moisture-retaining, potting mix would work well. Avoid using topsoil or garden soil in container gardens.

I have a GreenStalk Vertical Planter and I would like to add another tier to expand my garden. Where can I get that?

You can order additional tiers or pieces for your GreenStalk in our store at store.greenstalkgarden.com

Can I use the GreenStalk as a hydroponic system?

Sure! Keep in mind you may need to make some minor modifications to the system since the GreenStalk was created for soil-based growing.

Does the GreenStalk come with a warranty?

We stand behind our product with a warranty that ensures our planters won’t crack or fade for at least 5 years. If you encounter any issues, simply send us to grow@greenstalkgarden.com a photo and we will happily replace the affected piece(s) at no cost to you.

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