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Where can I get a GreenStalk gardening system?

At this time, the GreenStalk is available online and at select expos in the southeast United States.

For an up-to-date list on where to find GreenStalk, visit our Where to Buy page.

Is the GreenStalk available internationally?

We can ship internationally, but the cost of shipping can cost anywhere from $85-135. You can contact us directly to get an exact quote and to place your order. If you, or someone you know may be interested in distributing GreenStalk, we'd love to hear from you! Grow@GreenstalkGarden.com

Can the GreenStalk be used indoors?

GreenStalks can certainly be used indoors! Simply place a tray or dolly under the GreenStalk to collect any excess water and consider adding an additional light source if needed.

Do I need electricity, pumps, or special solutions to use the GreenStalk system?

No way! Just plant, stack, and fill the top reservoir with water when the soil gets dry. The GreenStalk was designed to be simple and easy-to-use so there are no pumps or special solutions you need to purchase.

What can I grow in the GreenStalk system?

Almost anything! Here's a list of some of the types of plants we've grown: lettuces, cucumbers, strawberries, zucchini, flowers, green beans, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, kale, basil, squash, and more!

Do I need special soil to use the GreenStalk?

You can use whatever soil works for you. The GreenStalk team's favorite at the moment is Happy Frog. However, any high quality, lightweight, moisture-retaining, natural potting mix would work well.

I have a GreenStalk gardening system and I would like to add another tier to expand my garden. Where can I get that?

You can order additional tiers for your GreenStalk by contacting us at 865-337-7055 or Grow@GreenstalkGarden.com

Can I use the GreenStalk as a hydroponic system?

Sure! Keep in mind you may need to make some minor modifications to the system since the GreenStalk was created for soil-based growing.

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