How You Can Grow Your Own Pet Food

on October 29, 2014

Did you know you can grow your own pet food?

Lately, it’s become quite the thing on the West Coast to grow your own dog and cat food. So I wanted to share this with you because don’t our little friends deserve to live the best life we can give them too? I think it’s really important to try our best to look after our pets to the best of our ability. Too many people make mistakes when it comes to their pet’s health, which is why things like these two crazy cat ladies tours are great, as they can educate people properly. I can only give you a small suggestion on how to look after your pet, and that is around growing your own pet food.

Here’s some quick benefits:

  1. Increases pet health (no chemicals, antibiotics or other unnecessary additives)
  2. Builds a deeper bond between owner and pet
  3. Ensures you use your harvest
  4. Saves money for you
  5. Gives you peace of mind

Strawberries are an easy fruit to grow in your GreenStalk and a favorite among your four-legged friend. But, while humans love fruits (typically more than veggies), our pets really like veggies. Some that are easy to grow are bell peppers, green beans, cabbage (just be sure to cook it before serving to help aid in digestion), lettuce and carrots.

When you serve these yummy foods, just be sure to cut them up in pea-size pieces before they’re gobbled up.

Reminder: Never feed your cats or dogs onions or garlic in any form. Do talk to your vet about specific fruits and vegetables that are good for your pet – there’s plenty of other pets who appreciate home-grown goodness!

GreenStalk GrowerHow You Can Grow Your Own Pet Food

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