Kickstarter – Success!

on January 2, 2017

YOU DID IT! Ya’ll, we are so amazed! Our Kickstarter campaign was a success because of you guys, our awesome GreenStalk community of growers! Thank you for sharing our campaign with your friends and family. For all our new GreenStalk growers, bravo, you are about to embark on the most affordable, convenient, efficient way to grow, grow, grow!

In a nutshell, our campaign goal was $20,000! It seemed pretty high, but we were optimistic. Then, (insert mind-blown emoji) our total amount raised is $30,413 from 223 backers! Ya’ll rock.

Many of you have commented on our low price for GreenStalk when most of our competitors cost hundreds more and are less effective. If you know Jack, the creator of GreenStalk, you know his long-term mission: to keep our cost low so we can help bring GreenStalk to as many communities in need as possible. Kickstarter is helping us start our 2017 year in a better place to reach that goal.

Shipping from Tennessee to the West Coast is quite expensive. Yet, we don’t want to pass that on to our customers so we keep one shipping price for all orders in the US.

We want to get into the commercial growing market. That said, we need to be experts at using GreenStalk in a commercial environment. While we have been growing with up to 100 different GreenStalks individually, watering and maintaining them as individual units – as you can imagine, that’s not very productive. So, we need to adapt our current space for commercial growing.

Finally, what are you really going to notice? While some of you do not want any changes to the current GreenStalk because it’s so effective, some have need for additional accessories. Our newest accessory, will be a dolly – it’ll work as an easily movable base made specifically for GreenStalk with a way to drain excess water. The best part? It will be made completely here in East Tennessee.

Thank you for your continued support – we couldn’t do it without you!


Happy Gardening!

The Peterson Family

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GreenStalk GrowerKickstarter – Success!

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