New Fill-To Lines (And How to Water Your GreenStalk)

on August 29, 2016

We have engineered new top water reservoirs!

We are excited to introduce reservoirs with fill-to lines based on how many tiers you have. We know that water is a precious resource – especially for people living in areas with water use restrictions or limited access to water. Whenever your GreenStalk needs watering, just fill to the appropriate tier mark (three, four or five) with a water bucket or hose. The GreenStalk will immediately start to distribute water to each internal watering disk to make sure each level is getting watered evenly. Filling to the appropriate mark will also ensure that there will be no water wasted by overfilling the last watering disk.

Here’s how the GreenStalk internal watering system works:

Just like with any container or garden, you’ll know you need to water when you feel that the soil is dry a couple of inches below the surface. Don’t let your plants get to the point of wilting before you give them more water! Since the GreenStalk waters internally using a slow drip method, you’re not wasting water on the leaves. Water goes to where it’s needed most – the roots. It’s best to water in the mornings, but it’s OK later too. Keep in mind that the GreenStalk distributes water immediately and doesn’t keep pooling water in either the top reservoir or watering disks.

The GreenStalk will still do a great job distributing the water even if you don’t have the new top water reservoirs with the fill-to lines. If you’re watering with a hose, you’ll know all the internal watering disks are full when water comes running out the bottom tier. If you’re watering with a bucket, use these guidelines to know how much water to dump in without wasting a drop:

3 tier: 1.25 gallons

4 tier: 1.75 gallons

5 tier: 2.25 gallons

If you’re watering consistently, you should only need to fill your top water reservoir once. If you let the system dry out a bit between waterings, you may need to wait a couple of minutes (until all the water drains out of the top water reservoir) and fill it again. Its always best to use a bucket or a hose for filling the reservoir. If you don’t “dump” the water in all at once, it will take a while to get enough water in the reservoir to get to the fill-to lines.

If you have any questions about the best way to water your plants, we’d love to answer them for you! Feel free to contact us at 865-337-7055 or

Happy Gardening!

Cody Catherine Thomas


GreenStalk GrowerNew Fill-To Lines (And How to Water Your GreenStalk)

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