Our Story

The Peterson Family

In 1983, 27 year old Jack Peterson opened Moldesign, a plastic injection moldmaking business which focuses on making plastic products better by design. In 2014, Jack and his oldest son, Ryan, created the GreenStalk Vertical Planter which has only multiplied Jack’s lifelong passion for gardening.

The Peterson family went on to create the GreenStalk Mover (2017), the GreenStalk Plant Support (2019) and the GreenStalk Leaf (2020) to make growing even simpler. Today, Jack enjoys working with his wife Kathy of 46 years, many of their children and now their grandchildren. GreenStalk and Moldesign are based in Knoxville, TN.

Today, many members of the Peterson Family work together at GreenStalk


Jack is the visionary, inventor and lead gardener at GreenStalk along with managing Moldesign. Kathy loves encouraging GreenStalk gardeners, creating new products and inspiring a new generation of gardeners. She makes everyone feel welcome.


Jack’s son, Ryan, works at Moldesign and GreenStalk and is the master designer and inventor. His wife Rebecca works in customer service and enjoys creating connections with gardeners. Several of Ryan and Rebecca’s six children enjoy working at the family business whenever there are opportunities to help.


Jack’s daughter, Brooke, enjoys creating our handpainted bee cards for free gift wrap along with managing our logistics and human resources.  Her husband Damien helps with our sales tax compliance and any other big projects that come his way.


Jack’s daughter, Ashley, manages our affiliate and influencer programs but enjoys customer support any chance she gets. Her husband Tom works to get orders out to our customers as quickly and as efficiently as possible.


Jack’s daughter, Cody Catherine, brought GreenStalk to market, handles day-to-day operations and ensures Jack’s vision for GreenStalk is fulfilled. Jordan is a moldmaker at Moldesign and oversees the warehouse and inventory management for GreenStalk.

Thank you for growing with us!

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