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our story

Here at GreenStalk we are a family – literally. Here’s our story.

Jack owns an injection mold making shop (it’s basically a manufacturing shop that makes steel molds for plastics). His sons work there too (one’s an engineer and another is a mold maker). Jack’s been an avid gardener and enjoys spending hours in his garden – his wife loves admiring his hard work which makes Jack happy.

A few years ago, Jack was presented with a problem for gardeners around the world. Well, a few problems – bad soil, little water, finicky plants. So he brainstormed with his sons and solved all of them. Jack’s GreenStalk was born. It became clear he needed to add GreenStalk staff. So, another daughter came along and got GreenStalk started online, in social media and in lots of local shows throughout the Southeast. Then another daughter came on board to work with her.

Jack and his family believe there’s something wildly rewarding in solving problems, especially problems that aid in bettering one’s life. Using little water, soil, time, effort – 19″ produces a great harvest. No longer is owning your own garden a foregone notion – it’s a reality for the gardener in India with terrible ground soil and the urban dweller in New York City.

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