How to Start a Garden, and Love It!

on January 7, 2015

For quite a bit, I was pretty concerned about planting anything – even though I really wanted to learn! As a kid, I routinely killed anything I planted. Now, as a wife and mom, I see a real need to grow my own food. There are so many reasons why, but a main one is that I’d like my son to love being outdoors and see how miraculous growing a flower or a carrot is to us all. Now that I’ve conquered my fears, maybe it’s time you conquer yours too! Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Plant in a container. Did your mom ever recruit you as a kid to pull weeds in the wee morning hours? Well, mine did. As wonderful as those memories are, I’d rather focus on planting and forfeit the weeds. If you have a GreenStalk, watering is easier than ever. You fill the water reservoir and walk away.


2. Start when the hype is highest. I think you know when that is – spring. If you start after the frosty season, there are so many other people who are just as excited about getting started as you! Neighbors, nursery staff and even your hardware store’s employees can help troubleshoot any questions that arise.


3. Choose the easiest plants… even if you may not be their biggest fan. A new gardner’s biggest enemy is discouragement. If you choose easy plants, you’ll just be encouraged with each step. What will you do with the unwanted harvest? Friends, neighbors, co-workers and church members would love it. Although, I think you’ll find you will enjoy the plants you grow, just because you grew it. It’s that special. (See our post on Easy Plants to Grow)


4. Share your progress. What better way to keep your excitement going than to hear feedback from your friends and fellow gardeners? This is an excellent way to get growing tips along you growing journey and for you to look back and see their progress months later.


Remember: We’d always love to see your progress too! Like us, follow us and email us throughout your adventure!

GreenStalk GrowerHow to Start a Garden, and Love It!

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