Tips to Make Gardening Fun!

by GreenStalk Grower on August 3, 2015 4 comments

Here at GreenStalk, we believe wholeheartedly that gardening should be fun! Gardening is a great way to creatively express yourself whilst decorating the outside of your home, if you are looking for landscape gardeners at Torquay then you should check out Waddell Landscapes, they will be able to help you with your gardening needs and offer some great advice to make the garden of your dreams! If you are looking for help with your garden, you may want to look into a garden service similar to The Car Park Man for assistance with your gardening needs.
Read our tips for making your time spent in the garden even more enjoyable:

If you still haven’t made it out yet and started your garden, don’t worry, it’s not too late. We’ve got some tips for you to make gardening a bit more fun:

  1. Get plant identifier stakes that suite your personality. Are you more of literal person? Are you creative? Are you a DIYer? There are stakes for everyone.

  2. Make a date night out of it! Go to your local nursery and choose your plants together, go home and plant them, sit on your front porch swing and talk about how you’ll be taking care of them together. You might even want to purchase some Tuinlantaarns (garden lanterns) to set the mood and allow you to admire your handy work well into the evening.

  3. Meditate. If you like routines, gardening is right up your alley. Think of it, you’ve just watered your plants and you’re enjoying the outdoors with a cup of tea and a good read. Just imagine relaxing in the peace of your garden on a beautiful interlocking patio overlooking your plants…perfection! Ahh, the peace and the quiet. Now, is a wonderful time to sit back and enjoy a bit of the simpler life, thinking on what’s really important.

  4. Teach the kiddos. Show them how to turn on the water hose and fill a bucket or fill your GreenStalk. Create a weekly journal for them to chart the progress of the plants and describe the textures, tastes (if it’s edible!) and appearance. How neat would it be to look back at these journals in a 5-year span?

  5. Choose plants that go along with your decor. Have a bright and cheery home (zinnias or verbenas) or a beachy oasis (think alliums or african lillys)?

How do you make gardening fun in your home?

GreenStalk GrowerTips to Make Gardening Fun!


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  • Marianela - July 7, 2016

    Awesome post =) Gardening is hard to beat for promoting well-rounded development in youngsters. Playing in the dirt increases happiness, and enhances learning. Mother Dirt knows best.

  • Lucie in WA - February 5, 2017

    I’m looking forward to having my grandkids over to plant seeds in my new Greenstalk in a few months. I want to start them young and learn to love growing things.

    GreenStalk Grower - February 6, 2017

    I bet they will love it! – Cody Catherine

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