What we are Growing this Winter

on January 12, 2016

The GreenStalk “headquarters” are in Knoxville, TN where the weather can be 75 or 25 degrees in winter on any given day, so it can be a bit tricky deciding what to plant in our GreenStalks this time of year. Last year, we didn’t plant anything for the winter season but we did leave our planters outside year round. For winter 2015-2016 we wanted to grow something low-maintenance and simple. The solution?


We planted them in fall from starter plants. We have about a dozen GreenStalks planted up with pansies in the parking lot of our office. In the spring, summer and fall months we have close to 50 GreenStalks planted up with several varieties of tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, kale, onions, watermelon, strawberries, and more. In addition to the pansy plants, we also have carrots growing that we planted in the fall season as well:

Carrots are one of our favorite crops to grow vertically. They make for a really cool looking GreenStalk and a large harvest! We have the best luck growing them in the cooler months. For more details on how we grow our carrots, check out this post.

If you take a walk through our gardens, you’ll also notice that we leave our strawberry plants outside year-round. Yes! You can leave your GreenStalk outside all year and it won’t damage the plastic or void the 5 year utility and color warranty. Here’s what ours look like:

Did you notice how every pocket is not planted with a strawberry plant? See why we do that in this post where we talk about the secret to growing strawberries in the GreenStalk!

Well that’s what our GreenStalk gardens looking like right now! What are you growing this time of year?

GreenStalk GrowerWhat we are Growing this Winter

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