What’s Growing On? Ashley Week #1

on March 14, 2016

I’m so glad to be writing this blog series with my sister Cody Catherine! Already, you’ll see we approach our gardening differently even though we’ll both be using GreenStalks!

I think she’ll have far less mistakes than me since she has been closely working with GreenStalk since the very beginning. Thankfully, our dad created GreenStalk so we can always ask him but sometimes, I don’t even know where to begin or what I should be asking… so you may be reading some very funny and embarrassing goofs of mine! Hopefully, it’ll be  worth my embarrassment in the hope that you won’t repeat my mistakes.

I’ve started some seeds already, but most of my planting will be directly from seed into my GreenStalks. I’ll be using 4 four-tier GreenStalks in Stunning Stone, though Maple may win me over.

Here’s what I’ve started in seed indoors or directly into my GreenStalks:

Sugar Baby Watermelon (edenbrothers.com)

  • They’re so cute & little! Here’s how the GreenStalk’s Garden grew them last year.

Okra (edenbrothers.com)

  • I’ve recently discovered there is more to these than being fried and delicious! THM (Trim Healthy Mama) cooks love this in everything from smoothies to baked “fried” okra

Chard (highmowing.org)

  • I’ve never been a huge fan of cabbage, but I’ve recently learned how healthy it is and how it can compliment dishes so, I’m gonna try it!

Megabite tomato (parkseed.com)

  • It says I’m to expect 60 tomatoes per plant. It is a beefsteak variety and a little advantageous for a newbie gardener!

Fantastic Hybrid Tomato (Jungseed.com)

  • Mini plum tomatoes!

Orange Paruch Hybrid Tomato (parkseed.com)

  • Cute, yellow and a “taste test winner”

Legend Tomato (seedsofchange.com)

  • Optional staking, great for sandwiches

Red House Free Standing Tomato (seedsofchange.com)

  • They aren’t supposed to need staking and they’re heat resistant.

Cossack Pineapple Cherry (southernexposure.com)

  • From the description, it looks like these will grow well in containers and my husband loves all things cherry so I’m going to give it a go!


What I will plant directly into my GreenStalks in the coming weeks:

Green beans (parkseed.com)

  • This is solely to be a money saver – my family eats oodles of green beans!


  • I’ll have some varieties in my GS on my sunny back porch and my shaded front porch.


  • I’m Swedish and love lingonberry jam! I’ll also be growing this in-ground so I’ll be able to show you the differences with the GreenStalk v. in-ground.

Sweet Potatoes

  • I’ll have these in GreenStalk tiers. We had some extra and I wanted to make them useful. They will not have the water feature, they’re essentially to be used like large pots. But for some who have a tier at home that they aren’t using, you’ll understand!


  • Like my sweet potatoes, I’ll be growing these in my extra GreenStalk tiers.

I’ll also be growing lots of herbs… As you may have read, Cody Catherine planted some extra seedlings so I’ll happily accept them! I’ll probably add a few others because I’ll probably get plant happy!

Happy Gardening!

Ashley Skeen


GreenStalk GrowerWhat’s Growing On? Ashley Week #1

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