What’s Growing On? Week #1 Bryan Allen

on March 1, 2017



Hello, fellow gardening/botany enthusiasts!

I just wanted to bring a quick Greenstalk update, and share some upcoming projects that we’re all very excited about here.

Firstly, early spring planting has started here at Greenstalk headquarters.  Beets, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Kale, Lettuce, Spinach and radishes are all on the menu.  I plan to update the progress of all these crops throughout their growing cycle and share any tips, tricks, or even problems that we happen upon.  Any and all questions, comments or suggestions are very welcome!

Item number two is the set up of an indoor greenstalk.  Most of my experience in this department has been with aquatic plants and I’m exciting to learn more about indoor gardening and hydroponics along the way!  Currently we plan to use four T5 HO bulbs for lighting.  Other than a little air circulation, I’m not sure much else will be needed.  (If you’ve grown indoors with a greenstalk we’d love to hear about it!)

The final (and coolest) project on the horizon is the construction of our very own, on-site greenhouse.  Vertical Greenstalk planters make very efficient use of the available space in a greenhouse, and it will be exciting to see how much better our yields are under more controlled conditions.

Check in for more updates as we push ahead in 2017!

Happy Gardening!

Bryan AllenWhat’s Growing On? Week #1 Bryan Allen

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