What’s Growing On? Week #3 Cody Catherine

on April 6, 2016

Another week, another garden update!

So far, I have a variety of things growing – mostly cool weather crops, with some herbs. I planted up one of my 5 tier GreenStalks with broccoli starter plants and spinach, radish, lettuce, and bok choy seeds.

I also planted a few pockets with bare root strawberries. Last year at the GreenStalk offices we planted several GreenStalks with bare root strawberry plants that we ordered from Nourse Farms. If you’ve never grown strawberries from the bare root, they usually arrive looking very dead and maybe even a little creepy. But the ones from Nourse all grew without any problems. Their roots were around 10-12″ long. That brings me to my point about the bare root strawberry plants I got this year. I paid around $3.00 for 10 plants at Walmart and thought that was a great deal! However, the plants maybe had 5″ of root growth and some of them were damp and seemed to have started molding… NOT A GOOD SIGN! I planted 7 of them anyways so we will see if they take on any growth at all.

Here’s what my GreenStalk planter looks like right after I planted it. As you can tell, it’s dark out… I was determined to get it planted THAT NIGHT. I watered it thoroughly after planting which is very important when either transplanting starter plants or growing from seed.

The seeds that I started indoors (but then moved outside) are putting on new growth slowly but surely. After planting my GreenStalk with seeds, I doubt I will start seeds indoors again – it’s just so much more work than just direct sowing in a GreenStalk! Here’s what my little seedlings look like now:

That’s all the news for me! I’d love to know what you’re growing in your garden this season! Email me or leave me a comment below.

Happy Gardening!

Cody Catherine Thomas


GreenStalk GrowerWhat’s Growing On? Week #3 Cody Catherine

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