What’s so Special about Lettuce?

on September 26, 2014

Staying healthy is tough work! And, I’m finding out, quite pricy. Making a conscious switch from junk food to healthy (and yummy) options is at best delicious and other times, difficult and time consuming.

Lettuce is a staple in my salads and I often switch out breads with it. Naturally, I realized I needed to grow my own! Did you know you can re-grow lettuce? Instead of starting from seed, you can re-grow lettuce by using the large piece you would normally throw away? Saves money, but also saves a lot of time!

If you live in an area that’s already getting quite cold and you’re concerned about your lettuce harvest, bring your GreenStalk or potted plants inside and grow it indoors all winter long for fresh, free lettuce!

To re-grow lettuce:

Start by cutting the lettuce head at about 3″ from the stem

Place the stem in 1 1/2″ of water in a dish, on a window sill for plenty of light

When growth begins in approximately 2-3 weeks, transfer to your GreenStalk or pot

Now you can replace your taco shells, hamburger buns and sandwich bread with lettuce and I think you’ll find it tastes so much better – crispy, fresh and delicious!

Kid’s Tip: Have your child grow the lettuce with you and track it’s progress. All the while, remind your little one about how special they are. If God cares so much about lettuce, enough to make it give life when we expect to throw it away, how much more does He care about His children?

GreenStalk GrowerWhat’s so Special about Lettuce?

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  • Sarah Kirbach - May 12, 2020 reply

    Thanks for such a great idea – growing lettuce with your children. I would love to do that when they get just a touch older – maybe next year. And, thanks for the reminder that God cares so much. He is good and his mercy endures forever.

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