No matter if you dream of homesteading or simply want to grow your own food, our vertical planters and gardening products were made with your family in mind.

We believe gardening should be accessible to all—giving you the tools needed to grow the plants you desire with the space and resources you have.

Inspiring a love of gardening in every home.

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We help first-time gardeners learn to successfully care for their plants so their gardens can flourish with ease.

Budding Gardeners

Short on space? Our vertical planters will help you maximize your plant growth from the convenience of your patio.

Patio Gardeners

We recognize that growing your own food is more than a hobby; it’s a way of life. We love supporting homesteaders!


Our Vertical Planters are a natural fit for…

– Christina

“I have five GreenStalks that have allowed me to grow over 150 plants, vegetables and herbs for my family and neighbors. It’s a huge blessing!”

– David

“The GreenStalk arrived in time for my mother’s 92nd birthday. It’ll make it much easier for her to garden. When I put the GreenStalk together for her, I instantly wanted to buy another for myself!”

– Sara

“I love the flexibility that GreenStalk offers! It’s encouraged me to be more adventurous because of how dynamic the vertical garden is!”

– Kelly

“Investing in my GreenStalk has been life-changing. Your product has given me such confidence in growing things I wouldn’t have tried.”

– Unknown

“Being disabled and being able to get the satisfaction of gardening for the first time in years was truly a gift! I have told all my senior and disabled friends. Thank you.”

Our shared passion for gardening led us to create patented vertical planters our customers love. Today, we work together as a family to create innovative containerized gardening products for yours.

We’re the Petersons, the family who proudly owns and operates GreenStalk.

Our Story

– Ashley

“It’s a simple, organic fertilizer that’s ideal for all my favorite plants. I just mix it into my potting soil to give my plants some extra love.”

Worm Castings Fertilizer

– Ryan

“Since I designed the base, I remember the challenges in getting the stability, draining, and longevity just right. I’m so happy with the final product!”

Ultimate Spinner Base

– Brooke

“I love how the Frost Covers give a longer life to my growing season. Even though I’m short, they’re easy to set up!”

Frost Protection Cover

Made by our family for your family

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