What is a Vertical Garden?

It’s a space-saving, vertical, stack-able planter with an internal slow drip watering system making watering a breeze. Even if you’re growing with limited space, you can still have the garden you’ve always wanted. The GreenStalk Vertical Planter grows vegetables, strawberries, herbs, and flowers. What will you grow?

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What Gardeners are Saying

This system is awesome for anyone that’s short on space, time, or new to gardening.

LesaBetter Hens and Gardens

I experiment with a lot of stuff in gardening and a lot of it hasn’t worked. This works.

Jeff BernhardYouTube

It’s well designed, easy to use and allows you to grow a huge number of plants in a small area.

Monica HemingwayGardening Products Review

Really easy to put together, fun to plant, easy to water, and looks very aesthetically pleasing!

Jake MaceVeganAthlete