How It Works

In 2014, the five-tiered Original GreenStalk Vertical Planter was born, later inspiring the GreenStalk Leaf Planter in 2020. Each free-standing vertical planter features individual planting pockets, helping you grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and plants.

We saw a growing need for containerized gardening products that made gardening simpler and more accessible.

It all began with a vertical planter.

How It Works

After planting your seeds or starter plants inside your planter, you’ll have everything you need to water and grow more vegetables and herbs!

Grow & Enjoy

Once your planter is delivered, you’ll follow the easy step-by-step instructions to assemble your planter and learn how the patented watering system works.

Assemble Your Planter

First, determine what plants you’d like to grow and what size planter you’ll need. If you’re not sure, our team can give you a personal recommendation!

Find Your Perfect Planter

  • Made in the USA in East Tennessee
  • Designed in Knoxville, TN
  • Made from food-grade polypropylene plastic #5
  • Free of BPA, BPS, and PVC
  • Durable for all-season gardening
  • 5-year warranty on both the plastic and color
  • Patented design and watering system
  • Available in several different sizes and colors

GreenStalk’s patented watering system delivers fresh water to every tier at the same time so you don’t have to water each pocket by hand.

Our Original and Leaf vertical planters come with a completely unique and patented design and watering system that promotes optimal plant growth.

How GreenStalk Vertical Planters are Different

Our insect cover is sewn with the highest quality materials and excels at blocking whiteflies, aphids, leafminers, and thrips.

Insect Cover

Plant supports are ideal for growing tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and more. It easily snaps together to support one tier of plants.

Plant Supports

This accessory is perfect for rotating and moving your planter. It’s made with six wheels that allow for maximum stability.

Mover Base

Inspired by our free-standing vertical planters, we’ve also gathered a wide variety of gardening products made just for you.

Our Freshly Picked Gardening Products

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