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5 Reasons Why Everyone Can Have A Green Thumb

I have heard so many people talk about not having a green thumb, and I just don't believe that's true! There are so many misconceptions about starting a garden and gardening in general. There are also so many resources for beginner gardeners. There's no reason why you can't have the garden of your dreams!

Personally, I used to have zero interest in gardening, digging in dirt, watering in the summer, waiting to harvest vegetables or waiting for plants to produce flowers. I tried growing a couple of "easy" crops as a kid and teenager and failed miserably. When my Dad was telling me about the GreenStalk planter that he and my brothers were creating, I was curious, but not sold. After watching the GreenStalks produce a huge amount of vegetables and strawberries at our office with minimal effort, I had to try them at my home too. Now I have 4 GreenStalks plus dozens of landscape plants and houseplants growing at my house! I'm even looking into Smyrna to get them to remove some trees from out back so I can grow even more! I'm hooked! Because of my gardening experience, I want to inspire others to not give up due to "lack of a green thumb."

Here's why:

dragon's egg cucumber sprouts growing in nursery pots

Everyone Kills Plants

It's true. I've never met a gardener who has success with every plant on the first try (or even the second or third!). As bad as it sounds, everyone kills plants. It's how you learn. Every time you kill a plant, consider it an opportunity to figure out how to keep your next plant alive. I know I have killed my fair share of plants and when I can figure out what killed them, it empowers me to do better next time.

man posing with multiple vertical planters overflowing with plants

It's One Google Search Away

In this day and age, there's really no reason why you can't learn whatever your heart desires. Gardening advice is one search, phone call or drive away. I have Googled many a gardening question. When my plant is looking strange, I look it up. I can instantly see photos and descriptions to help me figure out what's wrong. If you're not tech-savvy or want something more personal, go to or call your favorite local garden center. You can even attend a Master Gardener class in your area. Master Gardeners have been very helpful to me in the past. The internet is a great place and you can even purchase gardening items online (on websites like Botanex), and get them delivered to your house. So, whether you want some advice on a wilting flower or you'd like to purchase a new rake, the internet is your friend when it comes to gardening!

small plant sprout growing in a vertical planter pocket

Who Doesn't Like a Challenge?

Gardening is a challenge and a mystery in some ways. Why some plants thrive and produce fruit against all odds - it's a mystery. When you first get started, it can seem like a roller-coaster! But nothing compares to the satisfaction of growing your own vegetables from seed. Once you do it, you'll be hooked on both the flavor and sense of accomplishment! Nothing worth doing is easy and gardening is no different. There will be ups and downs, but that doesn't mean you should give up.

multiple plants growing in a vertical planter

A Garden is a Place For Fun

Many people see gardening as a chore, and that's just sad. Gardening is so rewarding and teaches patience and perseverance. Mix and match your favorite plants to grow whatever you want. Your garden doesn't have to look like your neighbors or anyone else's, really. Make your garden a fun place to be by making it yours. I grow my husband and I's favorite vegetables in our GreenStalks so we will look forward to the harvest and want to take care of our garden. When you enjoy gardening, it's no longer a chore. Container gardening can be a big help in making gardening more enjoyable - even if it's just the fact that there's no weeds! Furthermore, there's nothing quite like spending an evening dining and drinking in your very own garden. Why not purchase a quirky Lygtepl (lamppost) to give your garden a unique feel so that you can enjoy all your hardwork well into the night?

a harvest of large carrots from a vertical planter

Give Your Garden a Good Start

If you get a great potting mix and remember to keep an eye on your garden at least every other day, you've won half the battle. For container gardening, potting mix is so important. You'll want something light and fluffy but also a mix that will hold water well. I personally use either Fox Farm's Happy Frog or Pro-Mix in my garden. If you have a good potting mix, then the other thing you need to do is keep your eye on your plants. If you aren't checking on your plants, then you don't know if they need more water, fertilizer, sun, or less. If you give your garden a good start and monitor the progress, there's no reason why you too can't have a green thumb! You might want to start strong by removing some unnecessary plants and shrubbery to make some space for your green thumb to go to work, you could look into different Tree Services and see if they're able to take some problem trees down and create you some extra space.


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