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GreenStalk Gardener Q+A from Malone

How long have you been growing with GreenStalk?

I have been growing with GreenStalk since December of 2018.

What color and size GreenStalk do you own?

I own a five tier planter in stunning stone!

What’s your profession?

I am a director (like a principal) of a private preschool.

Do you describe yourself as a new gardener, hobby gardener, or professional gardener?

I would describe myself as a beginner and hobby gardener. I have grown with my family since I was a child, but the GreenStalk has enabled me to have my first adult garden!

Where are you located?

Pembroke Pines, South Florida, Zone 10b

Are you the primary gardener or do you have helpers?

I am the primary gardener! I hope to be able to get many more GreenStalks for my facility so the students can learn how to grow as well!

What kind of potting mix and fertilizer do you use?

I use miracle gro moisture control potting soil with a mix of trifecta fertilizer (MIgardener) and earthworm castings! I use Alaska fish fertilizer throughout the growing season.

How often do you water your GreenStalk Vertical Planter?

I water once a week, as the soil i use retains water well enough (south Florida gets super hot) that it controls over and underwatering.

Tell us what your favorite plants are to grow in the GreenStalk.

Lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, violas, Tom thumb peas!

Explain what you wouldn’t grow again.

I wouldn't grow echinecea in it again, but I thinks it's because I tried to plant them too early.

What growing accessories do you recommend and why?

I think the GreenStalk Mover should be STANDARD (the one with the wheels) for every 5 Tier GreenStalk. I also think stakes are definitely necessary for anyone who wishes to use it for vegetable growing.

What is your top tip for someone thinking about starting a GreenStalk Garden?

It's definitely worth the purchase! As long as you love gardening, this product will deliver! Container gardening is different than raised beds, so I encourage doing research on the GreenStalk website as to what can be grown and what can't and find what works best for you!

*Malone received a GreenStalk store credit for sharing her feedback with us.


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