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How to Grow Sweet Potatoes Vertically - GreenStalk Garden

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes Vertically

Earlier this year, we received an interesting email inquiring about growing sweet potatoes. We replied saying that it wasn't recommended because sweet potato plants are often used as ground cover and didn't think that would be manageable in the GreenStalk vertical growing system.

But that question got us thinking... Could you grow sweet potatoes in a GreenStalk? We just had to try it out. Surprisingly, it not only grows great, but it's beautiful too:

As you can probably tell from the photo above, we didn't plant every pocket of each tier. We tried to alternate the planting to leave as much space possible for the vines to grow out.

a vertical planter overflowing with sweet potato plants

This is what our sweet potato GreenStalk looks like today. We love it! The plants are very low-maintenance and easy to grow. We had no problems with pests, diseases, or managing the vines.

multiple vertical planters overflowing with crops

When the vines start to trail on the ground, its time to take advantage of one of the best benefits of growing sweet potato plants - eating the leaves! You can actually trim the vines and use the leaves for your next meal. Check out some recipes below:

Sauteed Sweet Potato Leaves

Sweet Potato Greens in Coconut Cream

 Have you grown sweet potatoes before? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Click here to see a post update about our sweet potato harvest. 


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