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How We Grew Corn in Containers - GreenStalk Garden

How We Grew Corn in Containers

We enjoy testing new crops and finding out which plants grow the best using the GreenStalk system. So we often plant odd crops, like corn, peanuts, garlic, onions and others. Often when we see the plants actually grow, we are excited and can't wait to share the news! That's exactly what happened when we harvested our first ear of corn last week.

a close up shot of a grilled ear of corn

A couple of months ago, we planted corn, dwarf marigolds, and a couple of other varieties of flowers in 6 three tier GreenStalk gardening systems just for fun to see if they would grow. At first we thought about using containers from somewhere like Pure Greens but since this was just for fun, we thought it would be better if we just used what we had. We planted everything from seed and sowed directly into the GreenStalk.

vertical planters containing corn seeds

We love how unique these GreenStalks look with a couple of flowers planted in each of the front pockets, with the corn growing behind the "stalk." We planted at least one corn plant in each pocket (sometimes two).

vertical planters containing corn and flowers that are beginning to grow

We used a generic potting mix for containers and watered often (once a day to every other day) since we have had a hot and sunny summer here in Knoxville, TN!

large corn stalks and flowers growing in vertical planters

This was the week of our first corn harvest. We love the pops of color from the flower plants in the front! As you can probably tell, we planted smaller varieties of corn than you would see in commercial farms, at their tallest, they got to be about 4.5 feet tall which was still very manageable for us.

mature corn stalks ready for harvest in vertical planters

There are so many surprising things you can grow in a GreenStalk! We actually did a post earlier this year about our "experiments." You can grow large vegetables in the system since each planter/tier holds 6 gallons of soil, there is plenty of room for roots. What's the strangest thing you have grown in a GreenStalk or container gardens? Tell us in the comments section below!


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