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How to Grow Watermelon in the GreenStalk

Originally, we classified growing watermelon under our 2015 "Experiments" because we honestly weren't sure how they would grow using the GreenStalk gardening system. We started our testing growing sugar baby watermelon by seed. Here's how we did it:

a small watermelon sprout growing in a vertical planter

This was our first sighting. How cute! At this stage, they were very low maintenance. No staking required. They just vined all around the GreenStalk.

a small watermelon fruit growing in a vertical planter

We knew we were on to something when we saw about 8 of these baby watermelons! At this stage we began looking for ways to start supporting them as they grow larger.

a small watermelon fruit being supported by netting

We came up with a support system that includes a garden staple, twine, and nylon netting. It has held up great and was inexpensive and easy to put together.

a close up shot of the watermelon supporting system

Here's how it works:

Start with a square piece of netting material.

Tie two pieces of twine on opposite sides of the netting to create loops.

Place a stake or garden staple in a tier above the watermelon you wish to support.

Lastly, carefully wrap the netting around the watermelon and place the twine loops on the upper stake or garden staple.

Check back here or our Facebook page for an update on our watermelon harvest!


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